3-Ingredient Candied Almonds Recipe

Enjoy these crunchy almonds with a sweet, caramelized coating in multiple ways. They make an irresistible snack, sprinkle over salads, or use them for added flavor and texture to your desserts and cakes.
the best candied almonds recipe

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If you’ve ever wondered how to make candied almonds or caramelized nuts, here’s the easiest way. This candied almonds recipe is perfect for adding elements for baking, dessert toppings or decorations, and snacking.

cooling down candied almonds

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to make with only three ingredients: water, sugar, and almonds. You may add some spices or bourbon for added layers of flavors, but that’s entirely up to you.

The Use of Candied Nuts for Baking

Candied nuts, especially candied almonds, are versatile baking ingredients. They add a sweet, nutty crunch to a variety of baked goods.

You can chop and sprinkle them on top of banana breads, muffins, or tarts for an extra layer of flavor and texture. They also make a delicious addition to cookies and brownies. Imagine biting into a soft chocolate brownie with a surprising crunch of sweet, caramelized almonds—pure bliss!

crystallized sugar on almonds

But there’s more to candied nuts. They are perfect for holiday baking, adding a festive touch to your creations. Use them to mix into holiday bread or top off your fruit cakes. Their sweet and nutty flavor complements the warm, spiced flavors of the season.

tart with candied nuts

Variations Using Different Nuts And Spices

While this recipe focuses on how to make candied almonds on the stovetop, you can easily switch things up by using different nuts. The process remains the same.

  • Stovetop Candied Pecans: Pecans are one of the best options. Their natural sweetness and buttery texture make them perfect for candying. Follow the same steps on the recipe, and enjoy these deliciously sweet and slightly smoky nuts.
stovetop candied pecan
  • Candied Cashews: Cashews are known for their creamy texture and mild flavor, which pair wonderfully with the caramelized sugar coating. Candied cashews are a delightful snack or topping for desserts.
  • Spice it up: For a flavorful twist, add a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract or even cayenne pepper. Pink salt or fleur de sel also works well with caramelized nuts.

Feel free to experiment with other nuts, such as walnuts, hazelnuts, or even a mixed nut blend. Each nut brings its unique taste and texture to enjoy.

candied peanuts

Substitution Table

Original IngredientsSubstitute With
Raw whole almondsRaw whole cashews, pecans, hazelnut or peanuts
SugarHoney or maple syrup
WaterWater + 10 g of Fleur d’oranger (essence of orange blossom)

Storing The Candied Nuts

Proper storage is key to keeping the candied nuts’nuts’ crunchiness and flavor. Once they’ve cooled completely, transfer them to an airtight container.

It will prevent moisture from making them sticky or soft. Store them at room temperature, and they’ll stay fresh for up to two weeks. Although they’re so delicious, they won’t last that long!

You may freeze candied nuts for longer storage, but only when using them for baking. They’ll last for several months this way, but it’s not recommended if you consume them for snacking.

the best candied almonds recipe

3-Ingredient Candied Almonds Recipe

By Bakefree
This candied almonds recipe only requires three simple ingredients: water, sugar, and almonds.
Note: Use the unit converter if needed. This recipe is measured by weight (metric) for accuracy.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Basic Recipes
Cuisine American, French
Servings 1


  • silicon spatula or wooden spoon
  • non-stick skillet or pan medium


  • 200 ml water
  • 200 g sugar
  • 300 g raw almonds unpeeled


  • Combine the water and sugar in a medium, non-stick skillet or pan. Stir them together and place the skillet over medium heat. Let the sugar dissolve completely in the water, stirring occasionally.
    Add the raw almonds, then stir to coat them evenly with the sugar syrup.
    cooking the syrup with almonds
  • Continue to cook the almonds over medium heat, stirring continuously. The water will gradually evaporate, and the sugar will crystallize on the almonds. This process takes about 10-15 minutes.
  • While stirring the crystalized almond and sugar, the sugar will melt and caramelize, coating the almonds in a shiny, golden-amber glaze. Be careful at this stage, as the sugar can burn quickly. Remove from the heat immediately.
  • Spread the hot caramelized almonds on a parchment-lined baking sheet or silicon mat. Use a spatula to separate them as much as possible to prevent sticking. Cool completely before use or before storing them.
    cooling the candied almonds
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